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Welcome to the Paratha Inn

Parathas are a traditional popular street food found all across South Asia. What started as one Mans yearning for the street food of his hometown, has turned into one of the newest up and coming establishments in South London.

The Paratha Inn was started by Zeeshan after he struggled to find the quality Parathas he used to have in his home country. Without any experience of running a restaurant he let his passion for good quality authentic food drive his desire to open his first establishment in 2020.

What sets Paratha Inn apart from other eateries is its simple and authentic menu which includes the finest halal meat, freshly hand ground spices and locally sourced products. We marinate all our ingredients daily and never use pre packaged foods or sauces. Paratha Inn also homes in on south Asian tradition making our chai the perfect compliment to your paratha roll. After the first bite your taste buds will make you feel like you have stepped into any street food market across Islamabad or Mumbai.

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